Vashon Baker offer the following services:

Daylight Modelling

We will undertake investigations at the design stage in an artificial sky and heliodon of likely daylight performance for commercial and institutional building projects.

Daylight Surveys

We will carry out measurement of Daylight Factors, photographic and subjective surveys.

Model Making

We make models for use in an artificial sky or heliodon, or for other investigative purposes.

Prototype Development and Construction

Technical Illustration

We provide technical illustrations and document design.

Examples of Mike Baker's technical illustrations can be found in the following books:

The Handbook of Sustainable Refurbishment: Non-Domestic Buildings, Nick V Baker, Earthscan, London, August 2009, HB978 1844074860, 246 x 189 224pp.

Energy and Environment in Architecture, Nick Baker and Koen Steemers, E and FN Spon, London, 2000

Daylight Design of Buildings, Nick Baker and Koen Steemers, James and James (Science Publishers), London, 2002

This photograph shows a model made by Mike Baker of the Stadium
2000 project.

This is an example of Mike Baker's technical drawing.